4 Biggest concerns for people with sensitive skin

4 Biggest concerns for people with sensitive skin

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    “I can’t use new products because I don’t know if I’m allergic to them.”

    The trick is to try just a bit of the product to see if your skin reacts. Dab a small amount on your inner arm. Because some people’s skin takes days to react, make sure that that particular area is dry for 72 hours. If you experience redness or itchiness, take that as a sign to avoid the product. If your skin stays smooth, feel free to use it!

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    “I’ve been using this skincare regimen for years, so why do I suddenly get rashes?”

    Our skin changes over time, and the products that were compatible with us before may not be suitable for us anymore. Switching to a hypoallergenic product might help, but before you do so, don’t forget to test a dab of it on the inside of your forearm.

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    “My skin still feels dry even after a long shower.”

    Do you use hot water for your shower? Experts recommend using warm water instead. Also make sure to get a cleanser with NutriumMoisture technology to keep your skin smooth and supple. Remember to keep shower time to a minimum for perfectly soft and healthy skin.

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    “Dust makes me break out!”

    Dust breaks down the skin’s barriers, leaving you prone to allergies. The natural tendency would be to get rid of dirt by washing more often, but this can promote dryness and do more harm than good. Why not use a body wash with a hypoallergenic formula? It would help you achieve clean and moisturized skin.