Dove Baby care tips
Dove Baby care tips

Baby care tips

Discover our favorite tips for caring for baby’s skin. From diaper rash to cradle cap, here’s everything you need to do care your way.

Baby care tips

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Baby care tips
6 ways baby skin is different to yours

As you spend time together, you’ll begin to read the signs when it comes to what your baby needs. But what they can’t tell you is that their skin is different to yours. “Baby skin is thinner, more permeable (so substances can penetrate the skin easily), loses more water, and – especially in the first few days – has a very acidic pH,” explains paediatric dermatologist and mum-of-two Dr Zilda. “It might require more care than that of older children or adults.” 

If there’s one thing Dove knows, it’s care – something that’s even more important for baby hygiene products. After 60 years learning about skin, we have specially developed the Baby Dove range, which goes beyond mildness to keep your baby’s delicate skin healthy and hydrated. So how exactly does skin care change for your baby? The Baby Dove experts explain.

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Baby Dove caring for sensitive baby skin
Baby skin care: Caring for sensitive baby skin
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Baby Dove bathing a baby
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