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Dove Baby care tips

Baby care tips

Discover our favorite tips for caring for baby’s skin. From diaper rash to cradle cap, here’s everything you need to do care your way.

Baby care tips

What makes Baby Dove baby products different?
Discover how Baby Dove baby products are developed for delicate baby skin
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Understanding the science behind your baby's skin
Baby skin is unique – discover the importance of mild, moisturising care
What to do with cradle cap
Although crust on the baby’s head does clear up on its own, these tips may help speed up the process
6 tips for healthy, soft baby skin
Wondering how to care for baby skin? Baby Dove is with you at every step
What’s the secret to a tear-free baby bathtime?
How tear-free Baby Dove products can help make baby bathtimes stress-free.
Baby care tips
How ¼ moisturising cream and DEFI cares for your baby’s skin

When it comes to skincare, we know the key is moisturisation. Since launching the iconic Dove beauty bar 60 years ago, we've enriched our products with our famous ¼ moisturising cream and innovative cleansing technology to gently nourish, replenish and protect skin. And now, with our baby products, your little one can enjoy the benefits too.

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