How to care for ageing skin

How to care for mature skin

  • 1
    Stay nourished.

    Nourishment has always been essential for our skin, but as we get older keeping hydration locked in is even more important to help it stay healthy and youthful. A rich body cream will do the job (as well as providing you with a pampering end to your bathing routine). Dove DermaSpa Youthful Vitality Body Cream works at the heart of skin cells* to deeply nourish, helping to bring resilience back to mature skin

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    Boost skin regeneration.

    As our skin ages, the rate at which it repairs itself slows down. So keep an eye out for products that give its regenerating abilities a boost, like our Dove DermaSpa Youthful Vitality Body Lotion, which combines Cell-Moisturisers® and a concentrated revitalising serum to help accelerate skin resurfacing, clearing out dullness for younger-looking skin

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    Remember your hands and neck.

    Your hands and neck are exposed to the elements as often as your face, so remember to treat them with the same care. This means moisturiser – and lots of it. For mature skin, choose a hand cream that caters to your specific needs, like Dove DermaSpa Youthful Vitality Hand Treatment, which gives mature skin its resilience back with its light-as-a-feather formula. For your neck, smooth in a firming body lotion to keep the skin beautifully supple and moisturised

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    Eat well.

    Beauty isn’t just about what you put on your body – what you put in it matters just as much. Eating foods like avocados (which are rich in antioxidants) and drinking lots of water can help keep skin plump and elastic

  • 5
    Application is key.

    During your evening skincare routine, don’t just apply your products – really massage them in: this’ll help work out any tension from the day’s stresses and get the blood flowing (and it’s said to stimulate collagen and elastin production, too)

  • 6
    Use SPF.

    The best way to keep skin looking youthful for as long as possible is to always make sure you use SPF on your face after your moisturiser: it helps to prevent photo-ageing (the wrinkling, spotting and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation), so you could say it’s the best age-defying cream you can get 

    *Within the stratum corneum