Dove Tips to soothe sensitive and extremely dry skin

My tips to soothe sensitive and extremely dry skin: Rebecca Marriage

  • 1
    Keep your skin clean.

    Find a gentle, hypoallergenic face wash to remove those irritants and allergens at the beginning and end of each day

  • 2
    Choose the right lotion for your skin.

    You might have other conditions dry skin conditions or a specific skin-type. I use a hypoallergenic, dry skin lotion with glycerin, which helps the skin hold onto lots of water

  • 3
    Once you’ve found a good moisturizer, use it!

    Even if you think your skin is hydrated enough, if you have sensitive and extremely dry skin, it’s probably not enough. It’s vital to maintain your skin barrier: a damaged skin barrier is how allergens and irritants get in. Moisturized skin is always important. 

  • 4
    Stop touching your face with your hands.

    A lot of people cover their face with their hands and touch it all the time – but you’re drawing attention to your discomfort, and transferring germs onto your face. Keeping your skin clean and moisturized are the two most important things

  • 5
    Look in the mirror and smile!

    A smile is your best weapon to attack your own discomfort, and to show everyone else that you’re okay. Hold your head up high and stop comparing yourself to pictures in magazines. No one looks like that. Remember you are a three dimensional living, breathing human being