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Girls Room: Self-Care for Girls

Girls Room: Self-Care for Girls

What is self-care? In our fifth and final episode of Girls Room, Carlotta and Melba learn all about it. We follow the girls as they experience the impact of lack of sleep, effects of not eating right and learn how self-care keeps us functioning and thriving.

Dove Self care for girls

Carlotta’s constant scrolling keeps her up at night, while Melba’s social media addiction finds her flicking through a sea of selfies and ads for weight loss ‘tummy teas’. Carlotta starts to experience the effects of not sleeping, like dozing off in class, and Melba starts feeling pressured to skip meals.

Whilst Carlotta decides to take her friend’s advice and stop scrolling at night, Melba is confronted by a caring nurse who tells her about the side effects of not eating. For both girls, learning about self-care helps them realize that social media can have serious consequences. They start to see that listening to their bodies is a form of self-respect. 

Episode five: Low on fuel

Dove Self-care for girls
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