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Carlotta’s Story: Body Positive Power

Carlotta’s Story: Body Positive Power

Confident and curvy, Carlotta loves to celebrate what she’s got. She’s the life and soul of every party, and she’s got body confidence to boot. In episode four of Girls Room, she learns that body positivity is so much more than celebrating what we look like. 

Dove Carlotta's story

Body image and self-esteem go hand in hand, and Carlotta’s DMs explode with messages after Melba films her twerking. Carlotta’s a fan of her new-found attention and starts making more videos.

Her concerned friend, Minnie, takes her to the girl’s room to show her that she can build body confidence in new and exciting ways. Teaching her yoga, Minnie helps Carlotta focus on what her body can do, rather than what it looks like and proves that positive body image can come in all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Carlotta now uses yoga to inspire other girls with plus-size confidence and break stereotypes.

Episode four: Bend over for a good reason

Dove Carlotta's Story
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