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Thelma’s Story: How to Deal with Bullies

Thelma’s Story: How to Deal with Bullies 

Meet Thelma. She’s passionate, intelligent and a fantasy fiction fanatic who isn’t afraid to post about her interests. But social media can be a scary place, and in our second episode of Girls Room, we see how online bullying and bullying in schools affects her self-esteem and confidence.  

Dove Thelma's story

Thelma’s got no time for selfies; she’d rather be posting book reviews. She uses social media in a different way to her friends and her confidence comes from sharing her hobby. But when she posts her latest book review, she’s met with online bullying.

After being bullied and sticking up for herself, Thelma gets upset and retreats to the girl’s room – where Gloria and Melba come to her rescue. Gloria shows Thelma how to deal with bullies and reminds her she shouldn’t stop being herself and doing what she loves.

Whether it’s social media bullying or mean comments yelled out in class, bullying says more about the bullies than it does about Thelma – and her supportive friends make sure she knows that.

Episode two: Superpowers

Dove Thelma's Story
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