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Melba’s Story: Social Media and Body Image

Melba’s Story: Social Media and Body Image

Every group has a ‘Queen Bee’, and for this girl gang, it’s Melba. In the first episode of Girls Room, we follow her as she navigates the worlds of social media and body image. 

Dove Melba's Story

To everyone around her, Melba seems confident, sassy and ready to take on the world. But behind closed doors, it’s another story.

After her free-spirited best friend, Minnie, gets tagged in a post, we begin to see some of the negative effects of social media on self-esteem. Melba starts feeling insecure, comparing herself to Minnie.

But Minne opens up about the effects of Instagram on self-esteem and admits that she spends hours picking the perfect selfie – and it causes her more stress and anxiety than it’s worth. This helps Melba see that while there are positive effects of social media on self esteem, there are negatives too, and reminds her of something she knew all along: it’s her authenticity that makes her special.

Episode one: One of one

Dove Melba's Story
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