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Dove Hair care tips and advice

Hair care tips and advice

Want to know how to beat frizz? Need advice on working with its unique texture and type? Looking for the secrets of shiny hair? Explore our hair care tips below and discover all…

Hair care articles

Dove Hair checklist
The 6-part hair-care checklist
What should you have in your hair-care kit? Here are 6 essentials you need
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Dove Protect against heat damage
How to protect hair against heat damage
Here's our advice for how to repair heat damaged hair
Dove How to wash hair properly
How to wash hair properly
Wondering how to wash hair properly? Try these tips to enhance your hair routine
Hair care tips
Want beautiful, healthy-looking hair every day?
Dove Coloured hair care
How to care for coloured hair
Keep hair looking vibrant with our tips on hair care for coloured hair
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Dove care for ageing hair
How to care for ageing hair
Want tips on how to make mature hair look its beautiful best?
Dove How to get Shiny Hair
How to get shiny hair
Want glossier hair? You’ve found the right place
Dove How often to wash hair
How often to wash hair
‘How often should you wash your hair?’ and other hair-washing questions
Tips for soft hair
Want softer hair? Learn how to get silky hair at home with these tips
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Dove How to treat dry hair
How to treat dry hair
Looking for ways to get your hair back to its soft, smooth self?
Dove How to treat damaged hair
How to treat damaged hair
Learn how to treat damaged hair and get healthy looking and feeling hair in no time
Dove How to keep hair beautiful
How to keep hair beautiful
See our page for tips on how to have beautiful hair
How to volumise hair
Want big, superstar hair? Check out our how to volumise hair page
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6 things you didn’t know about your conditioner
What’s the best way to condition hair?
6 shampoo myths: revealed
Want to care for your hair without the confusion caused by hair-care myths?
How to treat oily hair
Read our advice and get your hair confidence back
How to repair damaged hair
With the right products and practices, damaged hair is easily remedied
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Dove How to manage thin hair
How to manage hair thinning
If you’re craving incredible body, we’ll share the styling know-how to get you there
How to get smooth and silky hair
Wondering how to get smooth hair with a shiny finish?
What is keratin and why is it important for hair?
If you’ve been wondering what the hype around keratin is all about, we’ve got the answers. Discover what keratin is and what is does for your hair here.
How to use hair oils to get the best out of your hair
From argan oil to macadamia oil, discover how hair oil can nourish hair
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How to treat a dry scalp
Here are six easy things you can do when you notice a dry scalp, to get it back to feeling healthy and happy.
How to straighten hair
Care for your hair gently while still getting straight locks
Video tips: caring for your hair type
Video tips: caring for your hair type – Dove
Curly, natural, fine, straight or coloured hair: discover Dove products for your hair type and healthy hair tips from women who follow their own advice
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