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Dove Protect against heat damage

How to protect hair against heat damage

Blow drying, straightening, curling – a little bit of heat goes a long way when it comes to making our hair look fantastic. Heat is often the magic element that you need for a really show-stopping style, and now that we’re used to its effects, we couldn’t live without it. So much so that heat damaged hair has become the norm. Sounding familiar? Never fear: with heat damage, protection is everything and with the right caring products (and a great heat defence spray), beautiful hair is still totally within your reach – without having to sacrifice your tongs. 

  • Protect hair against heat damage

    Daily care.

    To counter heat damage and keep your hair looking healthy and feeling strong, make sure your shampoo has what it takes. Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo offers daily nourishment, while protecting your hair so that it stays more damage resistant

  • Protect hair against heat damage

    Avoid towel-drying.

    As an extra precaution, try to reduce the amount of stress your hair undergoes. After washing your hair, avoid any vigorous towel-drying, which can exacerbate damage to the cuticle. Just wrap it up gently and let the towel do its job

  • Protect hair against heat damage

    Protect hair.

    With heat damage, prevention is everything. For the ultimate protection against heat, give your hair a good spritz of heat protection spray before styling – so you can straighten, curl and dry with confidence

  • Protect hair against heat damage

    Try a mask.

    There are, of course, many causes of damage, even if you’re careful to protect your hair against heat. So, to keep hair looking as healthy as possible, it’s a good idea to treat it once a week with a mask that deeply nourishes the core of each strand, alleviating signs of dryness and damage

  • Protect hair against heat damage

    Don’t stress.

    45% of women say they feel embarrassed by the state of their hair – so if you’ve been stressing about yours, don’t: heat damaged hair is really common. Just do everything you can to keep your hair protected and you’ll start to see an improvement – there’s no reason to break up with your hairdryer

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