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Dove Care for ageing hair

How to care for ageing hair

As we age, our hair ages, too. It can become dry because our scalp stops producing so much of the oil that helps keep it conditioned. Ageing hair can also become finer and flatter, and more prone to breakage. With all these changes, you're probably left wondering what's the best way to look after your hair? But don’t fear: it just means calling in a little specialist care. We’ve put together our favourite products and best tips to help you replenish and rejuvenate ageing hair.

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Replenish dry hair.

    Dryness is a common problem with ageing hair: your scalp stops producing as much oil – the stuff that coats your hair and keeps it looking healthy and shiny as well as feeling soft. The best shampoo for ageing hair would replenish this natural coat. Our Pro·Age Shampoo nourishes as it cleanses, helping to add volume and give you thicker-looking hair

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Bring back radiance.

    Since your hair has lost lipids, it’s likely to become dull and wiry (we never thought we’d see the day we longed for greasy hair). The antidote? Using a conditioner for mature hair, like our Pro·Age Conditioner. It'll leave you with the appearance of younger-looking, thicker-feeling hair

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Give hair a boost.

    Because our hair becomes weaker as it ages, you might notice that it’s a lot more prone to breakage. Keep it looking polished and healthy with a product that boosts fullness, manageability, shine, softness and smoothness

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Protect weak hair.

    Protecting weaker, ageing hair from damage is more important than ever. Use a protection spray every time you use heat styling tools and when you can, let your hair air dry instead of blasting it with the hairdryer

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Lift at the roots.

    As hair ages it becomes thinner and can start to look flat. Use products that add fullness to help it stay looking youthful and healthy

  • Dove care for ageing hair

    Embrace the change.

    How you style your hair can work wonders for keeping it looking youthful. Blow drying it with a round brush (concentrating on those roots) will add heaps of volume and fullness. Maybe it’s an opportunity to think about the colour, too – skin lightens as we age and a lighter hair tone might suit it better. Your ageing hair could just mark the start of a whole new you…

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