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Dove Gradual self-tanners

Gradual self-tanners

Smooth on sunshine with Dove Summer Revived, our moisturiser with a touch of self-tanner, to leave skin with a summer glow that builds over time, as well as looking and feeling cared for. 

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Want to know a secret? You don’t actually need summer for your skin to get a summer glow. Well, OK, self-tanner isn’t exactly beauty’s best-kept secret, but there’s no doubt that the best (and easiest) glow is the one that comes from a bottle. So how do you keep this sun-kissed look all-year round? With the best self-tanner.

For the best application, moisturising is key, but that’s even easier when your tanning lotion already is a moisturiser. Try a gradual tan moisturiser such as Dove Summer Revived Body Lotion.

Use sweeping, circular movements to rub in your tanning lotion and try to give it at least half an hour to sink in before you get dressed for a nice, even finish. Voila: glowing, sun-kissed skin, whatever the weather.

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