Dove How to get shiny hair

How to get shiny hair

  • Nourish hair daily.
    Nourish hair daily.

    Shiny hair is healthy hair, so the first and most important step is to keep it nourished and cared for. This means a gentle shampoo and a rich, moisturising conditioner to smooth down your hair’s cuticles 

  • Look out for oils.
    Look out for oils.

    Protection from damage.
    Styling and sun exposure can contribute to dull, damaged hair. Our Daily Moisture Shampoo helps protect your hair from daily wear and tear, leaving it manageable, soft and strong, plus 10x more resilient to daily damage from grooming and brushing.*

    *10x less breakage when combing vs. non-conditioning shampoo

  • Try an oil treatment.
    Try an oil treatment.

    For supremely shiny hair, go a step further and try a hair oil. Look for a formula that is lightweight, allowing it to absorb deep into dry hair, giving you sublimely soft hair that is not greasy or weighed down

  • Detangle your locks.
    Detangle your locks.

    Everyone’s hair is beautifully unique. So, finding a way to keep your locks tangle-free that works for your hair’s texture will help it stay soft and shiny

  • Consider your diet.
    Consider your diet.

    Your diet could have a big part to play in the condition of your hair. Including Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods like oily fish could help top up your hair’s oil reserves and amp up the shine 

  • Don't forget leave-in conditioner.
    Don't forget leave-in conditioner.

    For the shiniest hair, make sure you keep it moisturised between washes with a leave-in conditioner

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