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Introducing our kindest to skin antiperspirant yet: Dove Advanced Care

New Dove Advanced Care, our kindest to skin formula ever. With patented Triple Moisturising technology and effective 72 hour protection.

A unique patented 72 hour formula, with Triple Moisturising Technology 

New Dove Advanced Care uses a patented advanced formula which provides 72 hour effective sweat and odour protection and a unique caring blend to keep underarms moisturised, soft and smooth, even after shaving.  

The new formula contains Dove’s unique ¼ moisturising cream and our hero skin caring ingredient, 100% natural sunflower seed oil, often found in premium skin care products. Sunflower seed oil, as part of our Triple Moisturising Technology, provides three moisturisation benefits to underarm skin:

  • Vitamin E along with other occlusive oils in the formulation provides a barrier on the surface to reduce water loss from the top layers of the skin – in a similar way, petroleum jelly helps restore dry, chapped lips.

  • Fatty acids, such as omega 6 are released and help boost the skin moisture barrier, retaining moisture.

  • Glycerol which works like a water magnet to attract and retain moisture within the skin.

With the utmost in care, this moisturising deodorant boosts your skin and helps to reduce underarm irritation, even after shaving.

Experience softer, smoother underarms with our kindest to skin formula ever, Dove Advanced Care antiperspirants. Available in Dove’s signature fragrances.

Dove Gentle Care with trusted 48 hour protection and care

Also available as part of the Dove Deodorant range is Dove Gentle Care, offered in a selection of fragrances. With lasting 48 hour protection and Dove’s ¼ moisturising cream for trusted protection and care for underarms. Available in Classic, Fresh and Powder scents.

Beauty that cares

Dove Advanced Care Original Anti-perspirant Spray comes in a recyclable metal can that's made with 25% recycled aluminium. We also offer Compressed technology in our larger spray deodorants so you can have a spray that lasts as long as our previous product, with less packaging.

Dove is also PETA Vegan Approved and globally we do not test on animals. By using Dove Deodorants, you can care for your skin while reducing your impact on the planet. Read more about Dove’s sustainability initiatives here. 

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Care for your underarm skin like never before

Waxing, sweating, shaving… our underarms go through a lot, even though they’re not always at the centre of your thoughts. So, it’s time to give them a little TLC with Dove Advanced Care, which features our kindest to skin formula ever

Care for your underarm skin like never before
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