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Dove How to keep hair beautiful

How to keep hair beautiful

Let’s be honest: beautiful hair isn’t always low maintenance. Most of us have spent years experimenting with heated styling tools, products, chemical treatments and colours, all in search of hair that looks ‘naturally’ gorgeous. All of these elements can take a toll on our hair, so it’s no surprise that 84% of the female population now describe their hair as damaged. Damage, then, is the new normal – and yet many of us feel worried and embarrassed about it. The good news is that hair can be styled, cared for and look beautiful at the same time, without any need for anxiety. Here’s how.

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Get creative.

    8 out of 10 see their hair as an expression of femininity, so we think hair is a pretty big deal. Beautiful hair can boost your confidence, brighten your mood and make the difference between a so-so day and a brilliant one. That’s why we say styling your hair is key. It’s your chance to decide who you want to be today, so be creative…

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Protect from damage.

    Knowing how to keep hair beautiful is one way to help you feel your best – so it’s worth looking for products that effectively address damage. The right conditioners and treatments can strengthen your hair so that you can style and experiment to your heart’s content

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Day to day care.

    Day to day, you can protect your locks with a conditioner that has the benefits of a treatment. Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner works in just one minute, penetrating deep inside the hair to reinforce damaged proteins, while sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future wear-and-tear

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Boost moisture.

    Sometimes your hair might just need a moisture boost. On those occasions, apply Dove Intensive Repair Leave-In Conditioning Spray to wet or dry hair. It makes the hair softer and more manageable, so you’ll see an immediate benefit

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Deeply nourish.

    In the same way that applying a facemask on a Sunday evening leaves you with that cared-for, ready-to-go feeling, Dove Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask ensures that your hair feels really looked after. It deeply nourishes damaged hair and leaves it up to 10 times more resilient against future damage

  • Dove keep hair beautiful

    Tailored hair care.

    For products tailored to your hair’s needs, try Dove Advanced Hair Series. It provides tailored care that’s right for you, whether your hair is fine and flat, dry and dull, or ageing


How to keep hair beautiful, by Gayle | Dove

Dove How to keep hair beautiful
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