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Dove Argan Oil

Getting the best out of your hair using hair oils

With so many hair oil options it can be hard to keep track of what does what, so we’re here to help. We explore what hair oils can do, and how you can use them for beautiful, non-greasy results.

  • Dove hair oils

    Why do oils make great beauty ingredients?

    Oils have been used since ancient times in beauty products thanks to their ability to smooth and nourish skin and hair. In fact, in some countries, oils were so prized they were more valuable than even gold    

  • Dove hair oils

    Argan oil. 

    Argan oil is exclusively harvested in Morocco and sometimes called Moroccan oil. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins F and E, it’s great for hair. The oil helps increase hair’s strength* and suppleness, plus the Vitamin E helps protect the hair’s lipids from UV damage. 


  • Dove hair oils

    Macadamia oil.

    Macadamia oil is one of the richest sources of Omega-7: a fatty acid found in the natural oil on hair, which conditions and protects it (and which we have less of as we age). Macadamia oil helps nourish hair and add radiant shine    

  • Dove hair oils

    Almond oil.

    Almond oil has always been coveted as a beauty product in Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean history. It’s naturally rich in Omega-9, a fatty acid that is an essential component of our hair. It’s proven to penetrate inside the hair and increase its strength, also making it soft and smooth


  • Dove hair oils

    Coconut oil.

    For thousands of years, Indian women have relied on coconut oil to make their hair beautiful, soothing the scalp, adding shine and even believing it helped with hair growth. Its smaller molecules absorb quicker and easier into skin and hair than most of the other natural oils

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