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Dove Get glowing skin with our ultimate self-tan body mousse

6 ways to personalise your self-tanning routine

With so many self-tanning options out there, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. We’re here to help expand your self-tanning horizons so you can achieve your best-ever self-tan plan. 

  • Dove Morning tan or overnight glow?

    Morning tan or overnight glow?

    Some self-tans take a while to dry and contain guide colour which could transfer to your clothes or bed sheets. Our moisturising self-tanning products are guide-colour free and fast absorbing, so you can use our Summer Revived Gradual Self Tan Body Mousse to tan in the morning or last thing at night. Body care, beauty sleep and glowing skin? Now that's a dream combination.

  • Dove Moisturising tanning mousse or creamy lotion?

    Moisturising tanning mousse or creamy lotion?

    Luxurious, lightweight mousse or rich, moisturising body lotion? No wrong answers here. Blending dermatological care with beauty expertise, both of our self-tans have built-in moisturisers. With our lightweight tanning mousse, you can apply, dress, and go with 48 hours of active moisturisation. Want to stay moisturised for longer? Our Summer Revived tanning body lotion offers 72 hours of moisture.

  • Dove Step-by-step or intensified tanning?

    Step-by-step or intensified tanning?

    Gradual tanning formulas slowly build to achieve a natural-looking glow, putting you fully in control of your level of tan. This makes them a great go-to for first-time tanners. To intensify your tone, try daily top-ups or space out your applications to maintain and refresh your tan.

  • Dove Fair to Medium or Medium to Dark?

    Fair to Medium or Medium to Dark?

    With our gradual tan formulas, you're in control of the depth of tan you want to achieve. Our body lotion, body mousse and Summer Revived Shimmer are available in ‘Fair to Medium’ and ‘Medium to Dark’, so you can opt for subtly sun-kissed or deeply bronzed, building up to your ultimate tan.

  • Dove Softly moisturised or go for glow?

    Softly moisturised or go for glow?

    If you’re looking for a moisturised, sun-kissed or bronzed glow for daytime, try our self-tan body mousse or lotion. If you’d like to give your skin a subtle evening shimmer, our Summer Revived Shimmer is your best friend. It’s enriched with skin-natural nutrients and subtle shimmer particles, leaving your skin glowing and cared for – proof that skin care and tanning can happily co-exist.

  • Dove Year-round tan or seasonally sun-kissed?

    Year-round tan or seasonally sun-kissed?

    Some people love embracing self-tan during the summer, while others use tanning as a winter mood-booster. However – and whenever – you choose to self-tan, the most important thing is to always love and care for your skin. How do you like to tan? Let us know in your review.

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