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Dove 6-part hair-care checklist

The 6-part hair-care checklist

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to care for your hair. There seem to be so many different products – which do we actually need? We’ve put together an ultimate checklist for all your hair-related need-to-know questions. Whether it’s fine, dry, or extremely damaged hair, we’ve got your hair-care questions covered.

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    When? Every time you wash your hair (contrary to popular opinion, you should always use the best hair conditioner you can find – yes, even if your hair is oily or fine). Why? It helps to keep it tangle free and more manageable, making it easier to style and take care of, as well as soft and smooth

  • Dove hair care

    A hair mask.

    When? Once a week. A progressively nourishing one will help to nourish hair, keeping it feeling strong and smooth wash after wash

  • Dove hair care

    Hair oil.

    When? Whenever! It’s super versatile: use it as a treatment or as a finishing product on healthy hair. Why? It’s great for nourishing hair as well as making it look amazing – that’s what you call the power of oils

  • Dove hair care

    Heat protection.

    When? Every time you use heat-styling tools. Why? If you’re a fan of straighteners or use a hairdryer, taking care of natural hair with a heat-protection spray is a must to ward off damage. Heat is one of the biggest brittle hair causes – it’s much easier to prevent damage than it is to fix damaged hair

  • Dove hair care

    Dry shampoo.

    When? Whenever you can’t fit a hair wash into your busy schedule or you want to boost the volume. Why? It’s not just a lifesaver for reviving your hair between washes, it’s also a totally underappreciated styling product

  • Dove hair care

    Strong hold hairspray.

    When? After crafting the perfect hairstyle. Why? To tame flyaways, prevent frizz and, of course, keep everything in place till you’re ready to pull it all down again. And when you’ve spent all that time on your hairstyle, that’s exactly what you want

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