Beauty tips and tricks with Dove Beauty Bar

Beauty Tips and Tricks with Dove Beauty Bar

  • 1
    Try body oil.

    One of the best-kept beauty secrets for soft skin is body oil: the ultimate skincare treat, it has to be up there with our all-time favourite beauty tips. Forget whatever you’ve heard about oils taking ages to sink in, a good body oil will absorb quickly to nourish skin

  • 2
    Keep essentials handy.

    This one is beautifully simple. Keep essential skincare products by your bed – that way you’ll always remember to use them before you go to sleep, giving them plenty of time to work their magic. Our favourites? A body lotion (so you can wake up to super-soft skin) and hand cream

  • 3
    Ice puffy eyes.

    Puffy eyes in the morning? Try patting an ice cube wrapped in gauze around them and they’ll soon reduce, so you can leave the house looking well-rested and feeling good

  • 4
    Emphasise your features.

    Identify shades that emphasise the colour of your eyes such as brown for blue eyes, purple for brown, and so on – the contrast will make them pop beautifully. Use them subtly and voilà: (almost) invisible beauty confidence!

  • 5
    Use cotton buds.

    Cotton buds are, like us, excellent multi-taskers. You can use them to tidy up lipstick, get a precise eyeliner line and even as an applicator. Keep a couple in your bag and you can be safe in the knowledge you’ve got the solution to any beauty emergency on hand

  • 6
    Keep brushes clean.

    We make sure that the products we put on our face care for it, but what about the things we put them on with? If you use make-up brushes, be sure to clean them weekly: they can house bacteria and spread germs around your face. Regularly washing them will help you avoid breakouts and keep your skin healthy and clear

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