3 Tips for Manila girls with sensitive skin

3 Tips for Manila girls with sensitive skin

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    Gentle body wash is key

    For 22-year old Pat, all she really needs is her trusty Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash. “Skincare has been a trending topic lately, and I totally understand why. But what people often forget is that, just like our faces, our body skin needs the same kind of tender loving care,” she shares. Pat swears by Dove because of its mild and gentle hypoallergenic formula, which is ideal for sensitive skincare.

    Bonus tip: "Keep your skincare regimen simple-in terms of process and products."

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    Eat healthy and drink plenty of water

    Sharmaine, an internal management executive, stresses the importance of a good diet. Other than choosing the right products, drinking water and eating healthy works wonders for her—it’s good for her skin and her health. “Some food triggers my skin irritation, so that’s another reason,” she adds.

    She also believes that self-control plays a part in keeping her skin healthy. “It may seem easy for some, but it’s really a test of self-control, especially when it’s that time of the month and I just want to eat everything,” she explains.

    Bonus tip: "Just drink plenty of water!"

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    Stay away from external irritants

    Jowie, a Manila-based writer, advises girls with sensitive skin to stay away from things that might cause skin irritation like pollution, alcohol, and heat, among others. For her, “it’s important that you know what irritates your skin, so you know what to avoid.”

    She shares her first-hand experience. “I get rashes whenever I’m surrounded by dust. And since I’m aware of that, I really try to keep my spaces dust-free.”

    Bonus tip: "The triggers differ. Be conscious of what causes the reaction on your skin."