pre date grooming

5 Grooming Tips Before You Go On That First Date

  • 1
    Plan your outfit.

    Clean jeans, button-up polo, and dressy sneakers are a good combo for a casual dinner date (and maybe a cup of coffee if things go well). Coming from the office? Make sure you have an extra long-sleeved top or polo so you can still look sharp after a long day at work.

  • 2
    Trim the beard.

    We get it. You’re proud of a scruff that makes you feel manlier than ever. Don't’ worry: you don’t need to shave everything off. Just clean it up so it’s not too bushy. The goal is to make your jawline look extra strong and sexy.

  • 3
    Make sure your hair makes a strong impression.

    Women also admire men who know how to take care of their physical appearance. Make it a habit to exert an effort to polish your look. There’s no better way to do this than to visit your go-to barber for a quick trim. It shows you have your act together and you care enough about your date to make the effort.

    If you want hair that’s strong and ready for anything (especially first dates), make sure you use Dove Men +Care Strengthening Shampoo. Your strands are in good hands, as it strengthens your hair and reduces hair fall against breakage. No need to worry about thinning hair or loose strands messing with your look.

  • 4
    Cut your nails.

    Nervous? Stop biting your nails. Just keep them short and clean. Women notice even the smallest details, and well-groomed nails are one of the things that will immediately give the signal that you’re the type of dude that pays attention.

  • 5
    Clean up your face and freshen up your breath.

    Right after clocking out from work, make a quick trip to the bathroom so you can wash your face and brush your teeth. No woman wants a guy who looks greasy and tired. Clean teeth and fresh breath are always a must—whether or not you’ll have a chance to kiss her by the end of the night.

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