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10 No-Nonsense Grooming Products To Make Space For In Your Shower

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    Soap is one of the most necessary grooming products, period. It has been around for as long as men wanted to look their best and started peacocking for potential mates. Lather up for that squeaky clean feeling.

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    Body Wash

    If you would prefer a travel-friendly alternative that packs on more moisturizing properties, then make sure to have a bottle of body wash. It’s best to apply the product using a wet washcloth, bath sponge, or even the occasional loofah (the last one shouldn’t be used regularly or it might damage the skin).

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    Here’s a tip-to-remember: look for one that does more than fulfill the basic function of getting rid of grease. When you hit your 30s and beyond, hair can start thinning, and you will need a shampoo that can also nourish your mane. Dove Men+Care Strengthening shampoo contains caffeine and Trichazole Actives that nourish your scalp to strengthen hair and lessen hair fall due to breakage. Keep in mind: After your shower, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with your towel to avoid any potential breakage.

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    Face Wash

    Your mug deserves more than just a bar of soap. Instead, use a specially formulated wash for your face. Avoid scrubbing like you’re sanding down furniture because that can cause premature lines and wrinkles. Your new routine: Squeeze a small portion of the wash onto your fingers, foam up, and gently massage on your face.

  • 5
    Aftershave Solution

    After spending quite some time painstakingly shaving to achieve that perfect shadow, it would be a shame to ruin all your hard work with the dreaded razor burn. Aftershave products these days double as both a solution preventing irritation and itchiness while also containing moisturizing ingredients.

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    After ridding your face of all the dirt and grime, it’s time to reintroduce moisture back into your skin. Washing your face can strip moisture from the surface resulting to uncomfortably tight and dry skin. Squeeze out a coin-sized amount (any more and you’ll look like a greaseball) and apply to your face in a patting motion.

  • 7
    Eye Cream

    Pulling one too many all-nighters, whether for work or leisure, can cause dark circles around the eyes. A product specializing in targeting that particular problem area can easily remedy this. The proper procedure for applying eye cream is not swiping it on like war paint. Rather, use your ring finger and exercise light tapping movements across the undereye area. Some eye creams even come with a roller ball to evenly distribute the product while providing a cooling, soothing sensation.

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    Using sun protection shouldn’t be limited to beach trips. You need to ward off the sun’s harmful rays all year round. If you’re thinking of skipping this step just because you’re cooped up indoors all day then think again. Glass windows may block UVB (can cause cancer) rays but it allows the UVA (causes aging) rays to seep through. If you’re a sweaty type of bloke, don’t forget to reapply in the afternoon.

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    Spot Treatment

    All those pimple-popping viral videos may tempt you to follow suit but unless you want to leave craters and scars, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you’re pressed for time, you could opt for acne creams that you can leave on overnight. Another option: stick some barely-there colloidal patches during the day. These can dry up your zits in a few hours.

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    Anti-Wrinkle Cream

    It’s never too early to start an anti-aging regimen where you can prevent lines and wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle products are usually formulated as a thick emollient cream that’s best used in the evening to give it time to repair damage.