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6 Hairstyles and Cuts To Copy From Your Favorite Superheroes

Exude confidence just like these extraordinary men do.

Not all heroes wear capes. But most of them display super-powered ‘dos that are able to withstand high-speed movement and world-leveling action. You may not have their skills (nor the challenge to save the world on a daily basis) but you could at least look the part, nab their attitude, and evoke some of that effortless cool.


  • Superman Hairstyle


    Putting the “do” in do-gooder, Superman’s iconic slicked-back hair never goes out of style. Bring out that Kryptonian/farm boy charm by spreading gel tightly on the sides. Show that you’ve got nothing to hide (except your superhero identity) by pulling back those wayward strands. Don’t forget to leave one or two locks up top to pull into a curl in front if you want to go full comic-book.

  • Tony Stark Hairstyle

    Iron Man

    Tony Stark couldn’t care less what everyone else thought and declared his heroic persona to the world. You can channel Tony’s genius billionaire playboy/philanthropist aesthetic by copping his slightly messy textured style. Make a pronounced side part on one side and apply hair wax to muss it up. Now all you need is some sharp sunglasses (and that too-cool-for-school vibe).

  • Aquaman Hairstyle


    Not only can this powerful half-human, half-Atlantean hero summon all of aquatic life to do his bidding, he also sports gloriously unruly hair (yet another reason to grow yours out!) Aquaman exudes the kind of energy that’s constantly on the move, commanding attention without trying too hard. However, there’s more to bringing this hero’s effortless wild mane to life than just growing your hair long. Grab a bottle of sea salt spray and start twisting and scrunching your long hair, coaxing out waves that mimic that surfer-dude aesthetic. Note, though, that this may not be the most work-appropriate look.

  • Captain America Hairstyle

    Captain America

    If you feel like you’ve grown out of the fresh-faced phase and want to level up your look, then you can go for Steve Rogers’ medium-length, swept-back ’do. Ask your barber for a slight undercut, leaving the top long. Use a texturizing wax to add interest and body.

  • Batman Hairstyle


    Bruce Wayne may go overboard with the brooding but the man sure has impeccable style, regardless of who portrays the character. The Dark Knight’s latest look comes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where our Caped Crusader isn’t afraid to show off a salt-and-pepper situation by allowing a sprinkling of grey on the sides. The billionaire is able to successfully pull off a ruggedly handsome yet dignified look—something you can cop with a little confidence, as long as your hair is thick and healthy.

  • Thor Hairstyle


    Breaking away from the traditional lengthy locks of his family, everyone’s favorite Asgardian god sports an electrifying new ’do makes him look more like a warrior and less like a matinee idol. Ask your barber for a cut that’s a bit long in front with some fade on the sides. (Don’t forget to shave in the triangular design.) Apply hair clay to maintain the texture on top.

While all that constant combing and styling can wreak havoc on your mane, Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo can swoop in to save you from a bad hair day. Their fortifying formula lessens breakage so that you can achieve that heroic ’do while powering up your hair. Stronger hair means less hair fall, and more confidence.