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Dove Your exfoliation FAQs answered

Body scrubs: your exfoliation FAQs answered

If you’ve been wondering how to get smooth skin, exfoliation could be your answer. But what exactly is it, and how could it work for your skin type? Here we answer the most commonly asked questions so you know the benefits, as well as how to get the best results. Silky, smooth skin is just a few steps away.

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    What is exfoliation?

    It’s the removal of dead cells on the surface of your skin to help clear the way for the refreshed skin underneath to take center stage.

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    What are the benefits?

    Those dead cells are often responsible for your skin looking dull, or not feeling as soft and smooth as you’d like. Exfoliating – or body polishing – helps to clear clogged pores and remove dry, dull skin.

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    How can exfoliation help me?

    The nourishing formula of Dove Exfoliating Body Polish is perfect for exfoliation whenever you feel your skin needs a pick-me-up. With a rich, whipped texture, they nourish as you exfoliate, gently buffing away dull, dry skin. To avoid potential irritation, be sure to use light pressure when applying the product.

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    What types of body exfoliators are there?

    Some people like to use loofahs, shower poufs or body brushes while they exfoliate. But with the right exfoliating body scrub (and gentle pressure), you can just use your hands. Try our Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter Exfoliating Body Polish – it not only smooths and cleanses your skin, but also lifts your senses with its bright scent.

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    How often should I exfoliate?

    For all skin types, start exfoliation once per week and then gradually increase to 3-4 times per week. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, talk to your dermatologist first, or test on a small portion of skin to see how your skin could react.

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    How do I add exfoliation into my skin care routine?

    With Dove Exfoliating Body Polish it’s easy. Add it into your shower routine, perhaps before cleansing with Dove Body Wash or Dove Beauty Bar.

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