Body scrubs: your exfoliation FAQs answered

  • What is exfoliation?
    What is exfoliation?

    Exfoliation is the removal of dead cells on the surface of your skin. A special skin care step, it helps clear the way for the healthy skin underneath to take center stage.

  • What are the benefits?
    What are the benefits?

    Those dead cells are often responsible for your skin looking dull, or not feeling as soft and smooth as you’d like. Exfoliating – or body polishing – helps to clear clogged pores and remove dry, dull skin, revealing your natural glow in the process.

  • Is exfoliating harsh on skin?
    Is exfoliating harsh on skin?

    Exfoliation can be as gentle as you need it to be. Dove Exfoliating Body Polishes are available in different levels of exfoliation, giving you a choice of gentle, moderate and deep. Your skin is unique, and now your body polish can be too. With a creamy, whipped texture, they nourish as you exfoliate, while buffing away dull, dry skin.

  • What types of body exfoliators are there?
    What types of body exfoliators are there?

    Some people like to use loofahs, shower poufs or body brushes while they exfoliate. With the right exfoliating body scrub (and gentle pressure), you can even just use your hands. Our exfoliating body polishes have a creamy, moisture-rich lather that effortlessly coats your skin, making it easy to get the results you want, without any fuss.

  • How often should I exfoliate?
    How often should I exfoliate?

    For all skin types, start exfoliation once per week and then gradually increase to 3-4 times per week. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, talk to your dermatologist first, or test on a small portion of skin to see how your skin could react.

  • How do I add exfoliation into my skin care routine?
    How do I add exfoliation into my skin care routine?

    With Dove Exfoliating Body Polish, it’s easy. Just use it in the shower between your shampoo and body wash to use when you feel your skin needs a pick-me-up. And here’s an extra tip – exfoliating before you shave or use self-tanner will help the rest of the products in your routine work their magic.

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