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Dove Advice on how to cleanse dry skin

Real advice on how to cleanse dry skin, by Jacyntha

If you’ve got dry skin, you’ll probably know that tight, uncomfortable feeling well. So what can you do? Well, there’s no one better to ask than someone who’s spent her life perfecting her dry skin treatment. For emergency doctor Jacyntha, hand washing is an important and pretty frequent part of her job – unfortunately this means dry hands are too, so we asked for her advice. She’s also taken part in our video series, so to see her video on how to get the spa experience at home, click here . If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of dry skin, read on for her favorite skin cleansing tips – and the products to go with them.

Make your products multitaskers.

Jacyntha says: “I use a body wash that does multiple things at the same time, like one that cleanses and moisturizes. This makes my skin feel really smooth, radiant and healthy after I have a shower.”  

We say: 

This is such an easy way to add some extra nourishment to your skin – and you can make moisturizing part of your shower routine too, with our Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Body Wash. Nourishing your skin as you cleanse, it’ll prevent that tight feeling other soaps can cause by replenishing your skin’s natural nutrients. Just remember to shower in warm, rather than hot water, which can strip your skin’s natural oils 


Exfoliate gently.

Jacyntha says: "In the shower, I like to use an exfoliating brush on my back and legs to help remove any debris and dirt. It also helps to rejuvenate my skin and remove any dead skin cells."

We say: 

Exfoliation is a great addition to your body care routine – but if you’re worried your skin is too sensitive, just be gentle. Our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar gently lifts away any dry flaky skin and since it’s enriched with our ¼ moisturizing cream, it helps to reveal beautiful, radiant-looking skin without the dryness that often comes with ordinary soaps


Protect your skin in colder months. 

Jacyntha says: "In the winter, I like to maximize the moisture applied to my skin as it gets exposed to heating and harsh weather." 

We say: 

Central heating plus freezing, biting cold? A recipe for intense dryness. If you need to amp up the moisture, add Dove Deep Moisutre Body Wash into your skin care routine. That rich, creamy lather is all you need to indulge your skin. Made with 100% gentle cleansers, no sulfates and a pH balanced formula, Dove is gentle to your skin’s microbiome (its living protective layer). Plus, it’s enriched with NutriumMoisture™ technology to replenish your skin’s natural nutrients, which might be lost during the cleansing process" 

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