Common myths for how to get clean skin

6 cleansing myths: debunked

  • Cleansers dehydrate.
    Cleansers dehydrate.

    'Cleansers dry out skin. Actually, regular soaps can dry out your skin'. Try a Beauty Bar for a more hydrating feel, like our Shea Butter Beauty Bar. Though it might look like a normal soap bar, this Dove bar is different. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream, it cleanses and nourishes your skin with a rich and creamy lather, while also helping to maintain its natural moisture

  • Over-washing damages.
    Over-washing damages.

    'Too much washing damages skin.' Some people believe that cleansing your skin too much strips it of oils, encouraging it to make more. This might be true if you use a drying, harsh product. Instead, stick to a gentle cleanser like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, made with 100% gentle cleansers, sulfate free and pH balanced, it cleanses without stripping your skin's microbiome, its living protective layer

  • Hot water is best.
    Hot water is best.

    ‘Hot water is most effective.’ Wave goodbye to those hot, long steamy showers: hot water can actually be bad for your skin. It can strip skin’s natural moisturizing oils, leaving it dry and sensitive. So if you’ve been experiencing dry skin, stick to warm water in the shower and see if your skin starts feeling more hydrated

  • Scrubbing is effective.
    Scrubbing is effective.

    ‘Scrubbing skin makes it glow.’ Exfoliating is an important part of your skin cleansing routine, but it’s also important that you don’t overdo it. Harsh scrubs and loofahs can do more damage than good, so always use a light hand and be gentle with your skin

  • Tight skin is normal.
    Tight skin is normal.

    'It's normal for skin to feel tight after washing.' If your skin feels tight after washing, you're using the wrong shower products. Try our range of microbiome gentle body washes with NutriumMoisture™: they give you more skin natural nourishment, and leave skin feeling softer and smoother after just one shower

  • Don't moisturise oily skin.
    Don't moisturise oily skin.

    'You don't need moisturizing wash if you have oily skin.' This is a big misconception. Whatever your skin type, it always needs hydration in order for it to stay looking healthy. Every Dove Body Wash contains our nourishing formula, which will help keep all skin soft and smooth

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