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Dove Antibacterial Body-Cleansing

Antibacterial body-cleansing: an enjoyable experience

We believe that you should never have to choose between getting the antibacterial clean you want and the enjoyable experience you deserve. So, cue the creamy lather and caring fragrances – because we’ve got just the thing to delight your senses, and wash away the day. Here’s our best tips for a great shower experience, every time. 

  • Dove Antibacterial body cleansing

    Get the temperature right for soft and smooth skin.

    If your bathing routine usually involves hot baths and steamy showers, you might want to think twice if silky soft and smooth skin is your goal. Hot water can strip your skin of its essential moisture and damage its natural protective layer, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Opt for warm water over hot to keep your skin feeling its beautiful best

  • Dove Antibacterial body cleansing

    Lather up.

    When it comes to skin care, many of us search for sensorial products that make us feel good. With Dove Care & Protect Body Wash, you can protect skin from dryness without compromising on hygiene or a truly enjoyable self-care routine. When used with a shower pouf, our antibacterial formula creates a rich, creamy lather we just can’t get enough of

  • Dove Antibacterial body cleansing

    Enjoy the scent.

    When we think about antibacterial cleansers and fragrance, we don’t always think of beautiful scents. We’re here to change that with our Care & Protect Body Wash and Bar which protect the skin from dryness. Clean, fresh and floral, you can count on this Body Wash to delight your senses and leave you with delicately scented, nourished skin

  • Dove Antibacterial body cleansing

    Enjoy a moment of me-time.

    Last but not least, after full-body cleansing, before you leave the bathroom, take a moment to enjoy how your self-care routine has left you feeling – cleansed, cared for and protected from dryness

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