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Dove Love your hair collection

Why you’ll love our Love Your Hair collection

Whether you’re taking care of wavy hair, curly hair, long, short, or color-treated hair – you deserve hair care that gets you. That’s why we created our Love Your Hair collection.


Every product in the range is thoughtfully designed and customized to care for specific hair types, to help you maintain the look you love. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Dove It’s perfect for loving and nourishing the hair that makes you, you

    It’s perfect for loving and nourishing the hair that makes you, you 

    Our hair is personal, it’s emotional, and a big part of how we express ourselves. Hair care is more than just a daily habit – it’s an empowering ritual that helps us feel confident and beautiful. Dove Love Your Hair Collection is designed with this in mind. It’s a range of hair care products, made to complement your self-care routine and enhance the hair that makes you, you. Whether you’re already fully embracing or you’re working on how to love your hair, this collection is made for you.

  • Dove Each formula is designed for a specific hair type

    Each formula is designed for a specific hair type

    Hair comes in so many beautiful and diverse forms. Whether it’s your natural curl or a bold color you’ve chosen, every style deserves tailored care. Delivering specialized formulas for a range of unique textures, types, lengths, and colors, Dove Love Your Hair focuses on what nourishes hair, respecting your hair with gentle formulas, enhanced with customized ingredients and different nourishment levels.

  • Dove With specific ingredients to match

    With specific ingredients to match 

    Each product in the Love Your Hair line-up is infused with unique ingredients that work to give your hair the nourishment it deserves. From raw shea butter to our patented Biotin complex, every ingredient and formula has a purpose of delivering gentle care and unique benefits.

  • Dove It’s sulfate-free…

    It’s sulfate-free…

    Sulfates are cleansing agents which have been used widely in hair care for years. While they make a satisfying, foamy lather, sulfates can also leave hair feeling dry and brittle, especially when caring for natural hair and color-treated hair. All formulas in the Dove Love Your Hair Collection deliver sulfate-free hair care, so you can trust they’re gentle on your strands.

  • Dove Paraben-free…


    Have you ever wondered: “what do parabens do to your hair?” and “why use a sulfate-free and paraben free shampoo as part of your routine?” In some products, parabens help preserve the formula so it lasts longer. The Love Your Hair Collection delivers completely sulfate and paraben-free hair care to help boost moisture and cleanse your hair without stripping away its natural oils.

  • Dove And PETA Approved

    And PETA Approved 

    Globally, Dove does not test on animals. So, every hair care essential in our Love Your Hair collection is PETA Approved. Choose Dove for hair care that goes further.

Try Dove Love Your Hair and discover the power of tailored care.

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