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How To Teach Kids To Love And Care For Textured Hair

Learning to love your curls and love your hair is a natural process. Help boost self-esteem in kids by teaching them how to love and care for their textured hair. 

From a young age, kids are aware of their hair and its texture. Did you know that it can make up a big part of body image and the way they view themselves? Kids and pre-teens are easily influenced. So, it’s important, as parents and guardians, that we nurture the younger generation’s relationship with their natural hair to boost self-esteem and self-love in kids.

Learning to embrace natural hair builds self-confidence, especially for kids. Black hair comes in many textures and it’s important that parents show kids how they can provide the best care for their locks as they learn to love their natural hair. Here we’ve outlined a few conversation starters to guide you... 


Teach them about textured hair


Show kids that the first step in learning to love your hair starts with understanding. Try and explain to them that just like our voices, our hair shape, colour and texture are things that differ from person to person. It’s important to embrace all unique styles and hair textures to encourage self-love universally. 


Show them the proper care


Different hair types need specific care. Our best coily and curly hair tips? Air-drying hair and using cotton T-shirts or microfiber towels to speed up drying time and minimize unwanted frizz. When it comes to washing and styling, try our Hair Love Kids Care range. It is specially made for kids with textured hair. 


Give positive reinforcement


If you want to boost kids' self-confidence, you need to remember that kids learn by watching and listening to those around them. They’re heavily influenced by their home environments. Parents, guardians and older siblings are role models to kids, so it’s important that everyone celebrates all hair types at home, model body acceptance and ban negative comments about appearance (that includes your own). 


Encourage hair love as a form of self-love



Self-love is so important. The Dove Self-Esteem Project views beauty as a form of confidence, and caring for it is an act of self-love. We’ve created a flexible learning tool titled My Hair, My Crown. It’s a session for educators, parents and mentors to boost hair confidence in kids with coils, curls, waves and protective styles – and to build allyship to create a respectful and open world for natural hair. Not only will this benefit you with your own image, it will also help you build your kid’s self confidence.

Download the toolkit here.

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