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Hair Wash Routine For Kids With Naturally Textured Hair

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    Kids’ hair, especially naturally textured and curly hair, loves and thrives on natural oils, so doesn't need to be washed daily. On hair wash days, make conditioner an essential step in their natural hair routine to prevent tangling and damage. We recommend Dove Hair Love Kids Care Nourishing Conditioner.

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    Wet hair care.

    Coily, curly and wavy hair can be prone to breakage – especially tighter textures. To give kids the best care, only comb it through and detangle curly hair when it’s wet to prevent unnecessary breakage. You can also do this while our Nourishing Conditioner is still in.

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    Use a leave-in conditioner to keep kids’ hair hydrated and protected. This is great for improving manageability and enhancing their natural curl pattern. After conditioning, spray a generous amount of Dove Hair Love Kids Care 2 in 1 Detangler & Refresher Spray to their hair in layers. This helps detangle natural hair and prevents unnecessary breakage. That spray can also be used to refresh their curls and coils in between washes.

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    Wrap hair in a T-shirt or microfiber towel.

    Wondering how to dry curly hair and coils? We have a tip for you. Wrapping your kids’ hair in a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel can help speed up drying and reduce the unwanted frizz (friction’s best friend) that often occurs when harsh textures are rubbed on hair. This technique makes hair washing fun for both you and your kids.

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    Styling and drying.

    If you find yourself searching 'how to dry natural hair', you’re not alone. Air drying your kid’s hair tends to provide the best curls and it’s so easy. However if you’re both short on time, try adding a diffuser to your hairdryer or try our Hair Love Kids Care Styling Curl Cream, which will maximise their hair’s natural curl pattern.

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