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Baby Dove Postpartum Pressures

Crystal’s postpartum journey

Together with Postpartum Support International, we’re raising awareness of postpartum depression and anxiety. This is Crystal’s story.

For Crystal, her expectations of what motherhood would look like were shaped by the positive experiences of others. Once baby Elanor arrived, she felt overwhelmed by the pressure to make it look like everything was going smoothly. 

“I struggled in silence with postpartum depression for almost 4 years before I understood the reality of what I was dealing with. I didn’t understand that I was struggling with mental illness – I just thought I was severely failing at motherhood.”

Over time, Crystal found the resources to identify her postpartum depression symptoms, and the strength to speak out about her experiences. Now, she’s discovered an amazing community of other moms with similar stories who are sharing their journeys. Every postpartum depression story shared helps break the stigma.

"I’ve realized that as I share my story, it gives other women and mothers permission to share their own stories and struggles, too. It’s also helped me see that maternal mental illness, like postpartum depression, does not discriminate; it affects women across ages, cultures, and ethnicities.”

If you can relate to Crystal’s journey and are feeling overwhelmed dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety, she has a message for you:

“I wish I could give you the biggest hug and encourage you in knowing that this too will pass. It does get easier. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. If you find yourself struggling in any capacity, please talk to someone you trust. You deserve to be mothered and cared for, too.

It was such a powerful experience for me to come together with other moms to raise awareness about maternal mental illness – one that will have a profound impact on me for the rest of my life. It reminded me that no matter how different our lives may be or what our histories or backgrounds may have been, we are united by our experiences. It also made me hopeful for the future and encouraged me to know that greater awareness and advocacy is happening on behalf of mothers everywhere.”

To find out more about Crystal’s journey, follow her on Instagram @crystalkarges

You are not alone – postpartum pressures are real and there is always help available. 

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