How to get the spa experience at home

How to get the spa experience at home

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    Set the scene.

    One of the most important parts of any spa is the ambience, right? So wherever you’re creating your spa experience, set the scene: soft lighting, candles, relaxing music (real spas favour whale sounds or pan pipes, we’ve noticed) – you can even throw in rose petals if you have them

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    Next: bath time.

    In lieu of a full-body massage, treat yourself to a soak under a thick layer of bubbles. The warm water will relieve aching muscles and that much-needed peace and quiet will help you fully unwind

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    Buff and polish.

    Once you’re relaxed, get to work: use an exfoliating mitt to give your body a buff and polish. As well as stimulating blood circulation and making your skin glow, getting rid of all the dead cells and uncovering fresh new skin will help with the next step, too… 

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    Indulgent products.

    For skin that’s truly indulged, nourishment is key. For this, you want something special like Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream and Magnolia Nourishing Lotion. Its combination of nourishing cream with the uplifting fragrance of magnolia will leave your skin feeling velvety soft with an amazing scent – just like your favourite spa products

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    Give skin its spring back.

    If you’re looking for a feeling of rejuvenation, try something that’s going to firm and improve elasticity so skin feels springy and youthful. Dove Firming Nourishment Body Lotion leaves skin feeling moisturised and toned (exactly what you want from a spa day, right?)

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    A DIY massage.

    Every good spa trip ends with a massage. We know you can’t necessarily get one of those at home, but you can have a DIY hand massage. Use a hand cream that’ll help keep your hands soft and beautiful (with all the work they do, they need it) like Dove Visible Beauty Hand Cream. Massage it in, alternating soft and medium pressure to leave behind even-looking, luminous skin (and a completely de-stressed you).