How to feel fresh: six ways to freshen up your morning

How to feel fresh: six ways to freshen up your morning

  • 1
    Drink plenty.

    Wake yourself up with a refreshing glass of water first thing to kick-start your metabolism and help you feel hydrated

  • 2
    Shower time.

    Next it’s time for a shower. The sensation of running water will help you freshen up in no time at all 

  • 3
    Pick a Go Fresh body wash.

    Add an invigorating and moisturizing body wash to your morning shower routine, like Dove Energize Body Wash. The uplifting fragrance will revitalize the sleepiest of mornings, and help give your body that fresh feeling

  • 4
    Choose moisturising products.

    Our Go Fresh range combines complete cleansing with nourishment for your whole body. Moisturizing products help you freshen up while avoiding tight, stretched feeling skin. Dove Fresh Touch Beauty Bar is enriched with our ¼ moisturizing cream to nourish skin while you shower, for beautifully fresh skin care with every wash  

  • 5
    Take cooler showers.

    If you’re still having trouble waking up (and are feeling particularly daring), you can try lowering the temperature on your shower, too – a cool burst of water will help you feel refreshed and give your circulation a boost

  • 6
    Apply a lotion.

    Before getting dressed, pick a body lotion with revitalizing, cooling scents such as cucumber or green tea for a final freshen up. Applying cream or lotion onto damp skin helps lock in existing moisture and leaves skin feeling healthy

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