Women Dandruff and Damaged Hair: Four Causes That Will Surprise You

Four Causes of Women Dandruff and Damaged Hair

  • 1
    Living in a big, smoggy city

    It’s not just about your hair and scalp health. It’s as much about the place or city you live in. According to the National Institutes of Health in its 2019 study, ‘Air Pollution and Non-Communicable Diseases’, air pollution influences sebum production and other biological parameters affecting skin quality. It associates air pollution with high frequencies of skin diseases, including seborrhea of the scalp or dandruff as we know it. It pinpoints pollution as the cause of oily, itchy, and sensitive skin that can lead to flakes and damaged hair.

  • 2
    Your scalp is oily

    It may seem ironic to say that oil causes flakes, but one of the common culprits of women dandruff is the overproduction of sebum. This is because it attracts Malassezia Yeast, which is a fungus that is naturally part of your skin’s microbiome. And yes, it thrives on excess oil and feeds on them, which causes the scalp to become irritated and the dead skin cells to shed off faster than usual. The dead skin cells attach to the oil and fall off as flakes. For this, it takes more than just using a damage shampoo. You need women dandruff shampoo. 

    Try Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Anti Dandruff Shampoo, our best dandruff shampoo for women, because it can help get rid of dandruff thanks to its Olacare Scalp Actives. It soothes the itch while hydrating the scalp for softer and smoother hair.

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    You feel stressed

    Stress has become more uncommon with today’s lifestyle. However, if you don’t keep it down, it can lead to damaged hair. Stress can affect your immune system, making your scalp produce more sebum as a response. Without using a good women dandruff shampoo, your scalp will shed more dead skin cells, causing dandruff and flaking.

  • 4
    You frequently style your hair

    Styling your hair won’t directly cause dandruff, but the tools you use, especially the heat-styling tools, can definitely trigger women dandruff. Your blowdryer and curling iron may look harmless – even beneficial for your look, but they can make your scalp dry, causing it to get flaky. Should you really need to use a blowdryer, make sure to position it about six inches away from your hair and put it in the coolest setting. Also, if you like using hair wax and creams and start experiencing flakes, this could be caused by product buildup, which you can address with the right women dandruff shampoo.

    Dandruff can lead to damaged hair, so make sure to treat it at the onset. Aside from using our best dandruff shampoo for women, make sure to adopt a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits.