Treat yourself: a guide to getting radiant skin

Treat yourself: a guide to getting radiant skin

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    Discover your skin type…

    The first step to glowing skin? Knowing your skin type – they’ve all got different needs. Once you know if you have sensitive, acne-prone or dry skin (to name just a few), you can figure out the right products for you. The more you tailor your skin care and shower routine to your type, the closer you’ll be to radiant skin

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    …and the cleansing routine that suits it.

    Our skin is as individual as we are, so the routine that works for your friend might not be perfect for you. Oily skin will benefit from a non-stripping, gentle cleanser, like our Original Beauty Bar. Dry skin needs extra care: try a product that deeply* nourishes in the bath and shower, like Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

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    Exfoliate for smooth skin.

    Smooth skin reflects light better, which is what gives it that radiant look. Dull skin often needs a deep body cleanse to clear dead cells, so exfoliation can help the process along. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin, and say hello to Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk to softly buff away dead, dry skin, leaving your skin free to glow

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    Don’t forget to eat well.

    Skin care products aren’t the only things that can affect your natural glow. Eating the right foods is an important step for healthy skin, too. Make sure your diet includes vitamins (such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A) and healthy fats to help strengthen the protective top layer of your skin, leaving it brighter than ever

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    Take a moment to relax.

    If you’re trying to achieve radiant, clear skin, it’s the perfect excuse to unwind. When you’re stressed, your body releases hormones that can lead to clogged pores and acne – so try to treat yourself and relax every so often to keep stress levels down and your skin clear. Our creamy, skin-nourishing Relaxing Lavender Body Wash will undoubtedly help with both...

    *Within the stratum corneum

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