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Dove's New Sensitive Skin Collection

Switch to Superior Care for Sensitive Skin

We could tell you that our NEW Dove Sensitive Collection is hypoallergenic, sulfate-free and made with our proprietary Moisture Renew Blend and Dove signature 100% gentle cleansers to care for your sensitive skin like no other. How each of our sensitive skin cleansers not only wash your skin but also leave it moisturized for hours. Or… we could let the women who love it tell you themselves.


So, when we learned that 4 out of 5 women with sensitive skin would recommend our original Sensitive Skin Body Wash, we decided to ask women what they thought of the whole Sensitive Care Body Wash Collection!


We couldn’t miss a chance to get those real reviews on the whole Dove Sensitive Care Collection, so we asked every woman who took part to keep a daily video diary – recording their honest experiences with Sensitive Skin, Soothing Care and Irritation Care Body Washes. Our trialists explained in their own words why they love the new Sensitive Collection!

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