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5 skincare and cleansing tips your face will thank you for

When it comes to cleansing your face, it’s important to get it right. After all, the skin on your face is more delicate than the rest of your body and can be prone to irritation if not looked after carefully. As well as removing any dirt, excess oil, debris and dead skin cells (not to mention any unwanted bacteria and pollutants) cleansing your face regularly helps keep your skin soft and smooth, so you can feel confident every day. Here, we’re sharing some of the most effective skincare tips on how to clean your face properly.

Do it twice a day

If you’re only cleansing your face once each morning or night, it’s time to step things up. Cleansing first thing helps remove any dead skin cells and excess oils that have built up overnight before you apply skincare or makeup, whereas that all-important evening cleanse removes makeup, dirt and any pollutants your skin has amassed during the day. Ensuring your face is clean, with the skin cared for, both morning and night also means skincare products are more easily absorbed and can really get to work – which is what we all want, surely?

Be gentle

It’s really important to be gentle when it comes to both the products you use, and your cleansing technique. Most dermatologists agree that we should be using lukewarm or cold water (water that is too hot can strip the skin and prove too abrasive), gently cleansing skin with fingers or a damp washcloth (avoid being too rough or forceful).

Likewise, choose products that care for your skin while cleansing – like our Dove Beauty Bar, made with ¼ moisturizing cream and mild cleansers. Even better, our famous bar comes in a variety of formulas suitable for different skin types. Sensitive skin? Our Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic formula is gentle on sensitive skin. All our beauty bars are pH balanced – mild as water.

Introduce some facial massage

We’re big fans of making self-care simple and accessible – and there’s no better time to incorporate a little TLC than during a facial cleanse. Why not take the opportunity to throw in some facial massage techniques as you cleanse? Gently massaging the skin helps improve circulation which delivers a glowing, rejuvenating effect on skin as well as helping you to relax.

One of our favorite methods to release tension? Place your index and middle fingers between the brows and move them outwards, along the brow, lifting as your fingers glide (the cleanser should help fingers move smoothly). Just remember to always wash hands first and remove jewelry, to avoid germs and snagging skin.

Try a double cleanse

If you’re wondering how to wash your face effectively – perhaps your current cleansing routine feels like it could be doing more – then a double cleanse could be the answer. The aim? To thoroughly cleanse and remove both surface-level dirt and impurities, and anything lurking a little deeper. It’s particularly effective for those with oily skin types or anyone who wears a lot of makeup and SPF, or those working in polluted areas (hello city dwellers).

Give it a try for a few days. If your skin doesn’t respond well (it might feel dry, tight or uncomfortable – surefire signs you should slow down) it might not be for you, but it’s likely your skin will seriously thank you. Once cleansed, pat dry with a soft towel before applying skincare products as normal.

Skip the wipes

If you haven’t already heard, skincare wipes might not be the best choice when it comes to face cleansing. Sadly, they might not be as effective at removing makeup or cleansing thoroughly and the dragging sensation across skin may not be good for the super-delicate eye area.

Instead, stick to more sustainable, skin-friendly methods, like our Beauty Bar, which is a reusable solution as opposed to a disposable one, delivering kind, effective skincare that does the job without disrupting the skin’s all-important natural barrier.

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