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Nourish your sensitive skin with Dove Sensitive Skin Collection

Finding the Right Dove Care for Your Sensitive Skin

The shower is the place to refresh, recharge and get ready to take on the day, but when you have sensitive skin, it can be hard to find a cleanser that cares for your skin. That’s why Dove designed a range of shower products to care for your unique sensitive skin needs – each with ingredients to deliver the care your sensitive skin deserves with the rich textures you love.


What Makes Our Sensitive Skin Care Unique?

From soothing to nourishing and even ultra moisturizing, all of our skin-loving formulas work with your skin to give it the unique care it needs with every shower. Each of our sensitive skin cleaners are made with 100% gentle and sulfate-free cleansers to effectively wash away oil, dirt and bacteria without stripping your skin’s barrier. That means each one gives skin the care it needs, while delivering the experience you want. Which sensitive skin care is right for you?


Soothing Care


Looking for a soothing experience for your skin and senses?

Hydrate and replenish skin with our Soothing Care collection, lightly scented with a soothing herbal-floral hypoallergenic fragrance. This range is ideal for anyone experiencing mild sensitive skin symptoms and provides comfort and care with an indulgent scent and light, creamy lather.


Irritation Care


Looking for a fragrance-free body wash with the rich moisturization you crave?

Gently cleanse sensitive skin with our Irritation Care body wash. Ultra-moisturizing with a rich creamy lather for dry, itchy skin, this body wash received the National Eczema Association seal of acceptance.


Sensitive Skin


Looking for a sensitive skin solution with a light, caring hypoallergenic fragrance?

Gently cleanse and nourish sensitive skin with our Sensitive Skin collection, lightly scented with a sweet fresh, floral fragrance. These products feature a rich, creamy lather that’s gentle on the face and body to leave skin touchably soft and smooth.

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