Caring for your skin starts in the shower

  • Dove Skin care starts in the shower
    Skin care starts in the shower

    A gentle and moisturizing cleanser can help keep skin irritation, and dryness at bay. For skin in need of extra care, consider using a body wash with nourishing ingredients.

  • Dove Replenishing dry-cracked skin
    Replenishing dry-cracked skin

    When it comes to taking care of skin dryness, hydration is key. Switch to a body cleanser that adds moisture back to your skin, leaving it feeling supple, soft and hydrated. Try Dove Dry-Cracked Skin Replenish Body Cleanser or Beauty Bar formulated with Pro Ceramides for 24-hour nourishment and instant dryness relief. ​Carefully crafted with hypoallergenic fragrance, these cleansers are also suitable for sensitive skin and boost the skin's natural ability to lock in moisture.

  • Dove dry eczema-prone skin
    Soothing dry eczema-prone skin

    It’s time to help relieve the itch and scratch cycle. Caring for eczema-prone skin starts in the shower by using gentle and nourishing body cleansing products that help protect the skin barrier. Try Dove Body Love Eczema-Prone Skin Care Body Cleanser and Beauty Bar formulated with Colloidal Oatmeal to help soothe dry-itchy skin. Dove Body Love Eczema-Prone Skin Care Body Wash, formulated with our unique 10x Moisture Restore Complex*, provide deep moisturization. Give your dry-itchy skin the TLC it deserves, starting in the shower.

  • Dove Caring for Hypersensitive skin
    Caring for Hypersensitive skin

    When hypersensitive skin needs extra care, choose body washes that are pH balanced and formulated with fewer ingredients to help avoid the potential for skin reactions.

    Try the Dove Body Love Hyper-Reactive Skin Balance Body Cleanser, a fragrance-free body wash formulated with only 12 ingredients that gently cleanses and moisturizes reaction-prone skin.