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Dove self tan lotion

How to apply fake tan for a streak-free finish

We all know that when it comes to tanning, faking it is a healthy option for our skin. But knowing how to apply fake tan without seeing streaks or blotching can be another thing altogether. Luckily, thanks to the latest science-backed formulations, a flawless finish is no longer as tricky to achieve as you might think. Here are our top self-tanning tips for that glow you’ve always dreamed of.

  • 1

    Practice makes perfect

    Ended up with blotchy arms after a self-tanning session? You’re not alone – it can take a few tries before you master the art. If you're not sure how to apply tanning products, a good place to start is with a gradual tanner. Our new Dove Summer Revived Gradual Tanning range is designed to deliver a subtle glow that naturally enhances and evens out all skin tones.

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    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

    Prepping your skin before applying fake tan will help you achieve the picture-perfect result you’re after (ideally, exfoliate and moisturise the day before). Short on time? A gradual tanning lotion that’s also a moisturiser, like Dove Summer Revived Gradual Tanning Lotion – which cares for skin with key moisturising activities while building up a healthy glow – could save time and money.

  • 3

    Pay attention to detail

    Tricky-to-tan areas can give your tan away, so take time to pay them special attention. Use a friend, or a mitt plus a mirror, to tackle your back, and a buffing brush to create an even finish on hands and feet. Don’t forget to clean cuticles, the palms of hands and the soles of feet with a wipe or flannel after tanning, to help get rid of any telltale stains.

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    Choose the right tan for you

    If you’re worried about your tan looking unrealistic, be sure to pick formulas, textures and shades that suit you and your skin. Available in a light mousse or body lotion, the Dove Summer Revived range features gradual self-tanners in light to medium, or medium to dark shades, so you can build up your perfect summer glow over time. Clever!

  • 5

    Build up gradually

    Impatience is the enemy of a flawless fake tan, so give yours time to develop and don’t slather on more if you don’t instantly achieve your desired glow. Instant fake tan, which tans skin immediately, can be difficult to remove. Gradual tans, like ours, which build up over a few days, fade evenly and subtly. Remember, don’t go in for round two until your first application has fully developed!

  • 6

    Maintain your tan

    Although it can be tempting to skip exfoliation if you’re using fake tan, it’s a crucial step. Wait a few days after tanning before exfoliating, and then reapply your gradual self-tan. Using a glow-boosting cream like Dove Skin Glow Oil in Milk Lotion, which uses light-reflecting minerals to build a subtle luminescence, will give your tan that extra boost.

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