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Dove Beauty products decoded

How to pick new beauty products

What do you look for in new beauty products? Forget impressive buzzwords and pretty packaging: here’s what really makes a product a daily essential that takes pride of place in your beauty arsenal.

  • Dove Beauty and care combined

    Beauty and care combined.

    Look out for beauty products that combine your favourite effects with skin benefits. If you like fake tan for example, switch to a gradual tan lotion to achieve that sun-kissed glow while giving your skin some nourishment too

  • Dove Instant effects

    Instant effects.

    Take moisturizer to an indulgent new height by choosing body oil. They leave skin looking instantly luminous, even and glowing: perfect for summer when you’re bearing more skin

  • Dove Find renewal

    Find renewal.

    Looking for beauty products that keep your skin looking young? Watch out for active ingredients that help to regenerate and renew i such as vitamin B3, AHA and skin natural lipids

  • Dove Deep nourishment

    Deep nourishment.

    The key to soft, smooth skin is care, so looks for ingredients that promise a good dose of nourishment. Our Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion contains a blend of essential oils and skin natural nutrients to help with gradually improving skin

  • Dove Add elasticity

    Add elasticity.

    Want to give your skin its spring back? Look to beauty products that promise to improve firmness and elasticity, which will leave your skin looking plump and youthful

  • Dove Uplifting scents

    Uplifting scents.

    The best beauty products combine good formulas with beautiful scents: it can add a whole new dimension to the benefits you receive. Our Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion features an uplifting vanilla fragrance to revive your senses

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