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Dove Men+Care Our Mission

Who are Dove Men+Care? Our mission

We’re on a mission to help all men and dads care for themselves and the people they love. Learn why (and how) we’re taking action to make self-care for men a daily practice.

What is our mission?

Caring for others starts with caring for yourself. 

That’s always been our mantra. It’s why care is at the core of everything we do. 

We know care makes us stronger. But we also know restrictive stereotypes and societal pressures can hold men back, preventing them from experiencing the true power of self-care.

That’s why we’re on a mission to help men care for more than just their skin. 

We’re campaigning for paternity leave and racial equity, so all dads and men can care for their families and communities. 

We’re also starting conversations that empower men to break down barriers standing between them and care in all its forms – so men can embrace positive masculinity, active fatherhood and male self-care every day.

Together, we can spark real change and be positive male role models for this generation and the next. 

Because when men care, it benefits everybody in society.

How are we taking action?

Celebrating active fatherhood

From launching the Parental Leave Corporate Task Force, to sharing the true story of Black fatherhood, we campaign for paternity leave and present, active parenthood. This doesn’t just help dads care for their kids and partners – it redefines fatherhood as male success and challenges gendered perceptions of men’s role in the family.

Embracing positive masculinity

We believe in representing men of all body types, skin tones and backgrounds to expand the meaning of masculinity – not restrict it. By embracing a vision of manhood that’s progressive, positive and inclusive, we can learn how to break free from limiting stereotypes, together.

Making self-care for men a daily practise

Men have been taught that care is a feminine attribute. This doesn’t mean that men don’t care – instead, they’re conditioned to hide it. Whether it’s sharing the perfect men’s skin care routine, or advice on caring for mental well-being, we want to un-gender all forms of self-care – so every man can experience its transformative effects every day.

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