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Dove Men+Care and Headspace partnership

Meditation for men: A 5-step guide for beginners

Practising mindfulness and meditation doesn’t just help men care for their mental well-being – it helps them care for the people they love, too. Here’s a simple, five-step meditation exercise – inspired by this Headspace guide to meditation – to help you squeeze a moment of mindfulness into your day.

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Why is meditation and mindfulness for men so important?

Our unique study shows that men who communicate, ask for help, meditate and care for their skin – in other words, men who practice holistic self-care – are 2.2x more likely to feel balance in their lives, 1.6x more satisfied in themselves, and 1.4x more satisfied with their partner. When men care for themselves in this way, they’re 44% more likely to care for others too.

We also learnt that the men in our study practised physical self-care on average 4x a week – but only emotional self-care (like mindfulness meditation) 3x a week and social connection 2x a week. And experts say finding a better balance is crucial.

That’s why we’re on a mission to promote the importance of meditation for men, so they can care for their minds as well as their bodies and skin. When we partnered with Headspace in 2021, they showed us a simple, five-step meditation exercise to make mindfulness part of your daily self-care routine.


Get comfortable

Whether you’re sitting upright or lying down, bring your attention to your body. Notice the way it makes contact with the floor. Now, with your eyes open, allow yourself to settle comfortably into your position.


Acknowledge your breathing

Bring attention to your natural breathing pattern. Notice your inhalation. And notice your exhalation. Don’t judge your breathing – simply notice the flow of your breath. If you feel comfortable, gently close your eyes while continuing to focus on your breath.


Visualize the people you love

Use this time to imagine all the different people in your life. Whether you’re visualizing family members, partners, neighbours, mentors, teachers, classmates or colleagues, realize there are so many different people in your life worthy of your love and care.

There are many reasons to love and be appreciative for the contributions they make to your life. Acknowledge that love and care in your heart, to open your ability to share it. When you make the time to connect to your ability to love and care for others, you can strengthen the harmony and respect of those relationships.


Wish them love + happiness

Repeat these words in your mind while imagining the people you love: May you be healthy and well. May you experience happiness and laughter. May you feel love and peace. May you feel safe and live with ease.


Refocus on your breathing

Bring your attention back to the flow of your breath. Inhale, feeling empowered by this breath. Exhale, sharing your love and care with others. Keep them in your mind as you breathe in. And as you breathe out. 

When you’re ready, bring your attention back to your body. Gently open your eyes. And enjoy this moment of mindfulness and meditation before you get on with your busy day.

Still unsure how to fit mindfulness meditation into your day? Here are six meditation tips for men with busy lifestyles.

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