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Dove Men+Care Meditation Tips

Start every day energized: 3 essential morning routine tips

Not sure how to start a morning routine that sets you up for your day? We spoke to Men’s Health to learn three morning routine tips that will help you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the world.


Wake up earlier to free up time for yourself

Every man knows that hitting the snooze button, scrolling through social media and skipping your shower to rush to work isn’t how to start a morning routine.

Instead, try setting your alarm an hour (or two) earlier to see what you can achieve with that extra time. Whether it’s exercising, meditation or dodging rush hour traffic, research suggests some morning self-care can leave you feeling less stressed and more focussed during the day.

A good morning routine for men is about healthy habits in the evenings, too. If you’re struggling to wake up earlier, try going to bed earlier. A study shows hitting the hay and waking up at consistent times can help improve sleep quality, so you’re ready to tackle the day.

If you need a little help getting ready for an early night, you can also shower in the evenings with our relaxing Wind Down Ashwagandha + White Lavender Face + Body Wash.


Exercise to help reduce stress + boost energy

Morning exercises for men release endorphins (which help reduce stress) and cortisol (which helps awake the body and mind). So, if you want to start your day feeling uplifted, morning workouts are a no-brainer. The Cleveland Clinic says our cortisol levels tend to peak from 6-8AM, so it’s better to produce more of this hormone when you’re energizing yourself for the day ahead – not in the evening, when you’re winding down for sleep.

To feel purified and refreshed after every training session, lather up with our exfoliating Dove Men+Care Charcoal + Clove Body Wash. And if you don’t have time for a full workout, a morning stretch routine for men can also help boost your mood and energy levels.


Meditate to feel calm + improve your focus

There are many benefits to meditation for men. In fact, meditation before work (or any time during the day) doesn’t just leave you feeling calmer – studies suggest it can also help you care for your emotional well-being and improve your focus and memory.

Here’s our (very) quick guide to morning meditation for men in just five minutes: 

  1. First, find a quiet spot where you feel calm and relaxed. 
  2. Now sit in a comfortable position. 
  3. Next, close your eyes and focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. 
  4. If your mind wanders (which is absolutely fine), return your focus to your breathing. 
  5. After 5-10 minutes, open your eyes. 
  6. Take notice of how your mind and body feels. Enjoy this moment. 
  7. Now get on with your busy day.

Simple, right? If you don’t always have time to meditate but still want to squeeze a moment of calm into your morning, jump in the shower and lather up with our Inner Peace Holy Basil + Hemp Seed Oil Face + Body Wash instead.

Remember: These self-care ideas for men are all about doing what works best for you. Just try to squeeze a little TLC into your day whenever you can – because when men care for themselves, it benefits everybody in society.

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