Self-esteem teaching resources – Confident Me: six lessons

Session 1: Appearance ideals

Students explore and challenge the concept of appearance ideals. Where do they come from? What pressure do they put on us? How have they changed? What qualities should we celebrate instead?

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  • Appearance Ideals - Student Activity Sheets (578 KB)

Lesson 2: Media Messages

Students learn to become savvy, critical media consumers (and producers) by investigating body image and the media, and how images of people in professional media (e.g. advertising) and social media (e.g. Instagram) are manipulated and often drastically altered to reflect appearance ideals.

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Lesson 3: Confront Comparisons

Students see how focusing on appearance often leads to unhelpful comparisons. Instead of judging other people’s physical features to be “better” than their own, what more positive ways of making comparisons could they adopt?

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Lesson 4: Banish Body Talk

Examining the problems body talk can cause, including how it can damage self-esteem, students develop techniques to redirect or reframe such conversations for a more positive impact on body confidence.

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Lesson 5: Be The Change

The final workshop brings together everything students have explored and learned so far with the chance to review and reflect. Students will prepare to lead by example as they take the body-confident message out into their school life.


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Lesson 6: Challenging appearance discrimination

Our final workshop explores all kinds of appearance discrimination and the negative impact it has. Students will learn how to identify prejudice and feel empowered to challenge it in real life scenarios.


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