How to repair chemically damaged hair

How to repair chemically-damaged hair and achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

  • 1
    Choose the right conditioner.

    When the cuticles of our hair (basically our hair’s armour) are damaged, the core of our hair becomes vulnerable. Put your faith in a daily conditioner that’ll keep them smooth and strong, like Dove Intense Repair Conditioner 

  • 2
    Be tactical with chemical treatments.

    Obviously we couldn’t give up our highlights, so just be tactical with chemical treatments. Give your hair a bit of a break between each one: so if you usually treat it every eight weeks, try waiting 10 weeks instead. Need a colour refresh? Instead of going over the whole lot, just touch up the roots. You get the idea

  • 3
    Find the best treatments.

    Decided to find out if blondes have more fun? When it comes to figuring out how to fix damaged bleached hair, look out for a treatment that specifically repairs its proteins (hair is mostly made of them) such as our Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner

  • 4
    Try a hair mask.

    Chemical straightening breaks down the protein bonds inside your hair in order to reform them into a new shape. If you love the smooth, sleek look, make sure you’re giving those proteins some reinforcement with a hair vitamin

  • 5
    Look out for oils.

    When your hair is chemically processed, the lipids (which form the protective layer that keeps the cuticle smooth and hair shiny) are removed, which can leave it frizzy and dull. To decrease static and increase shine, look for products that contain oils to help replenish lost lipids such as our Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

  • 6
    Top up nourishment.

    To really comfort and nourish chemically damaged hair, keep it topped up with nourishment every day. A hair oil will work to reduce frizz and boost shine in one

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