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Here's the Hair Fall Solution for Your Thinning Hair Problems

Don’t let hair fall bother you. If you don’t know how to address it, here are Dove’s top shampoo and conditioner picks for you

Losing up to a hundred strands of hair a day shouldn’t be a cause of worry. But seeing more strands than usual in your hair brush, on the bathroom floor drain, and on your pillows should raise a red flag. You might be suffering from hair fall. Good thing, Dove’s hair fall solution is here. 

But before getting there, let’s first get to the bottom of things–the causes of hair fall.

Why Does Hair Fall Happen?

According to Iain Sallis M.I.T., a trichologist at Hairmedic, we grow an equivalent of 12km of hair each year. Imagine growing this much hair without losing any. Thus, hair fall is a natural phenomenon that’s part of the hair’s life cycle. Hair loss, on the other hand, is not. Though it’s sometimes possible to prevent it with a good hair fall treatment, knowing its causes can help address the issue. 

While men’s hair loss is largely genetic, women’s is more triggered by nutrition, diet, hormones, and medication. In fact, pregnancy can also cause hair loss, especially with the blood loss and shock of labor, pushing the hair to go into an early shedding phase. 

Hair fall solution: Top Picks for Hair Fall 

Check out these shampoo and conditioner products that can help address hair fall.

  • 1

    Dove Hair Fall Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo 

    This hair fall solution is infused with Keratin Tri-Silk Serum that combines fiber actives, serum, and keratin ingredients to repair hair damage, leaving hair beautiful and smooth. With DynaZinc Complex, it nourishes hair from roots to tips for fortified hair fibers.

  • 2

    Dove 1 Minute Hair Fall Rescue Serum Conditioner 

    Get the best benefits of your Dove shampoo with this Dove conditioner. More than just moisturizing hair, it is a hair fall treatment that has serum capsules that go deep into the strands, strengthening and repairing them to prevent hair fall. If you love using strong hair styling products, this is the hair fall solution for you.

  • 3

    Dove 1 Minute Keratin Repair Serum Conditioner 

    Specifically designed for damaged hair, this conditioner has serum capsules containing argan, coconut, almond, and sunflower seed oils. These penetrate deep into the strands, repairing hair from within. It undos damage in just 1 minute, so you can have smoother hair with every use.

    Hair fall shouldn’t cause you to worry if you use the right hair fall solution. These Dove shampoo and conditioner products can help you maintain strong hair that’s smooth and beautiful.

When choosing your shampoo, go for the most gentle cleansing shampoo for everyday use. A gentle shampoo for fine hair will not harm your strands, allowing them to grow healthy while preventing hair fall.