How to protect hair against heat damage

How to protect hair against heat damage

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    Daily care.

    To counter heat damage and keep your hair looking healthy and feeling strong, make sure your shampoo has what it takes. Use a mild shampoo for hair for daily use. The best mild shampoo can help hydrate your hair and keep it strong. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo offers daily nourishment, helping to repair your locks so it’s like damage never happened. 

    There’s also a mild shampoo for oily scalp if you have oily hair.

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    Fortify hair.

    You can help fortify your hair every day by using an intensive treatment. With regular use, Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner strengthens brittle hair against breakage and helps to repair damage

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    Avoid towel-drying.

    As an extra precaution, try to reduce the amount of stress your hair undergoes. After washing your hair, avoid any vigorous towel-drying, which can exacerbate damage to the cuticle. Just wrap it up gently and let the towel do its job

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    Don’t stress.

    If you’ve been stressing about your hair don’t: heat damaged hair is really common. Just do everything you can to keep your hair protected and you’ll start to see an improvement – there’s no reason to break up with your hairdryer