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Dove How to manage thin hair

How to manage thin hair

How we choose to style our hair says a lot about us (like when we wanted to experiment with that perm as a teenager). As we age we embrace who we are and find a style that works best for us. But at the same time hair becomes finer and we can sometimes see hair thinning, meaning getting body into our favourite style can be challenging. It’s not all doom and gloom, however – if you’ve caught yourself thinking, ‘my hair is thinning!’ here are six top tips for making hair look fuller. 

  • 1

    Choose the right products.

    Did you know our individual hair follicles shrink with age? Meaning thickness of strands decreases, often leading to the perception of thinning hair in women. To make hair feel fuller again, choosing products carefully pays off. Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ Shampoo is formulated in order to strengthen the hair and nourish it to visibly reduce hair fall*

  • 2

    Find a reliable style.

    Something as simple as choosing a style without a strong parting can create the illusion of fuller hair (as strong partings can reveal more than we’d like of our scalp, making hair look thinner)

  • 3

    Nourish hair daily.

    It’s not just our bodies that need nourishment; it’s our hair, too. So it’s important to treat it to nourishing care if we see hair thinning or if you notice it becoming coarse and dry. Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Conditioner is a brilliant multi-tasker as it nourishes and adds volume to dry, flat hair

  • 4

    Care for roots.

    One of the easiest ways to make thinning hair look fuller is to care for the roots. Our Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Nourishment range is designed to give your hair a volumising boost

  • 5

    Try a round brush.

    A round brush and a hairdryer can be our best friends when it comes to styling. By pulling hair upwards from the root and using a large, round brush when drying, you can create serious volume 

  • 6

    Consider a new colour.

    Introducing hair highlights and lowlights can be a great way to minimise the appearance of hair thinning. When hair colour has a mix of shades, it creates the illusion of density, making hair seem fuller. Can't decide which colour to choose? Consider your skin tone and hair colour, finding similar colours to scalp skin tone can help reduce the appearance of thinning at the hairline