Get Rid of Dry and Damaged Hair with the Right Frizzy Hair Treatment

Get Rid of Dry and Damaged Hair with the Right Frizzy Hair Treatment and These Tips

  • 1
    Use a hair mask treatment

    Conditioners should always be incorporated into your hair care routine. However, adding a hair mask treatment can do a lot more for your hair because it can revive dead hair from its damaged state. Use it once to twice a week to get softer, smoother, straighter, and more manageable hair.

    Check out Dove’s range of dry hair treatments. Choose which one suits your hair type to get the best benefits.

  • 2
    Indulge in a keratin treatment wrap

    The great thing about keratin treatments as a frizzy hair treatment is that it can already be done in the comfort of your home. You can easily follow its instructions and apply it on your hair like you do with a conditioner. A dry hair treatment at home no longer needs plastic cling wraps, and you get wonderful results in no time.

  • 3
    Go for products formulated for damaged hair

    Damaged hair or dead hair requires more care and special ingredients compared to healthy hair. This is why it’s important to switch to specifically-formulated hair products that treat dry hair. 

    We recommend using Dove Intense Repair Keratin Tri-Silk Serum Shampoo because it has Keratin Repair Actives that repairs and nourishes damaged hair. With regular use, rough strands can turn softer and smoother. 

  • 4
    Let your hair breathe

    This is especially true when having your salon treatments. Make sure to pace them to avoid stressing your strands. If you get your hair colored today, give it a few months before getting a rebond.

  • 5
    Invest in a good hair protectant when heat-styling your hair

    Heat is one of the culprits of dry hair. But since we cannot deny its benefits to our hairstyle and good hair days, make sure to use a good hair protectant before heat-styling. It acts as a barrier on your strands so that the heat doesn’t damage your hair. 

    A good frizzy hair treatment need not be expensive, which is why Dove is here for you. Choose the product that suits your needs and say goodbye to damaged hair in no time